We Specialize in Homeopathy

Since 1999 we have  
Promoted Natural Therapies 
through education, research & practice. 

We Supply a wide range of Homeopathy & Herbals to Health Practitioners, Clinics 
& Health Food Stores throughout 
Western Canada. 

We Supply the Phyto-Santé line.

The owners of Phyto-Santé have been supplying Natural Health Practitioners since the mid 1970's being the first importers of Homeopathy to Canada. 

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Maison Naturelle International Homeopathic Institute

Education is essential to success! 

We offer Correspondence Homeopathic Education

Dates of Classes in Lethbridge, AB

Maison Naturelle International Homeopathic Clinic

We assist people in regaining full health by analysing the state of the body & mind, then a treatment plan is recommended.

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Nature's Dilutions 

​Maison  Naturelle  International

Nature's Homeopathic Dilutions

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