2) Constitutions & Drainage

This course contains 10 modules and will be the foundation to your Homeopathic Education. After having completed this course you will be able to determine a person's main constitutional type at a glance.

Prerequisite: Homeopathic Comprehensive Course

Course Outline

Module 1:    Overview & Consultation

Module 2:    Constitutions                  

Module 3:    Diathesis                        

Module 4:    Nosodes                         

Module 5:    Drainage                        

Module 6:    Phytotherapy                 

Module 7:    Heavy Metals                 

Module 8:    Vaccinations                  
Module 9:    Psychological                

Module 10:  Clinical Management     


  $650 + Tax

This Course is available online correspondence and is a prerequisite to further education

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constitutions & drainage

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